Hi Wendy I've stopped Rosies Anti B now as 10 days but still carrying on until I finish the ulcerban. There's a video I put on Facebook yesterday of Rosie being ridden by my instructor.  As I said before that she hates the menage and plants, well OMG I don't know if it's the stuff you've given her but she's a rocket. In 3 years of owning her I've never got her to canter In the menage 😂 also she didnt attempt to bite me when girthing up 😁 I'm in total shock and amazed!

Sarah Vidler - Essex

Wendy came out to see my Horse Molly who had been showing signs of lameness for some time. Having had various inconclusive vet examinations we were at a loose end as to what to do next. A friend recommended Wendy and I thought I had nothing to lose. Wendy examined both of Mollys eyes and found she had a toxic digestion and a mark in her liver. Wendy asked if she would vear over to the left when ridden, which she did, Wendy said the pain on her right due to the liver pain was causing her to move away from it.  Wendy started her on liver herbs and I now have my girl back. We continue to detox and have put her on a more natural feed. I can't recommend Wendy enough. Not only did she give me answers but she was so lovely and approachable and has continued to keep in touch to hear of Molly's progress. 

Hayley Fulford - Essex

Thank You

Thank you so much for coming out to see Archie. I was all ready to give up on us and sell him on or retire him, I can't believe you found all his problems just by looking in his eyes. It's great to see a light at the end of the tunnel. 


Thank you for giving me my boy back! Lizzie -cornwall.